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Reiki is a timeless therapy that provides the human experience with a limitless supply of energy to stimulate regeneration in the physical body, enhances positive outcomes in the mental body, balances the emotional body, and reconnects to the divine in the spiritual body.


ANGELS are an added energy, an angle of light that aids in the receiver/client to receive knowledge, wisdom, protection, illumination, revelation, healing, consciousness advancement, flow from stagnation, ah-hah moments, lightening strikes of genius. 

NOTE: Know that we aid clients in physical, mental, emotional, spiritual well being, and holistic lifestyle changes; therefore we DO NOT offer "happy endings, prostitution, or tolerate sexual advances. If you've paid for a healing session or purchased packages and you participate in any of the inappropriate behaviors above we have the right to refuse services and you will NOT receive a refund for your purchase. Thank you.

Angelic Reiki

  • There are no refunds given after service is received or after 30 days of purchase of services not used. 

    Any inappropriate, misconduct, or sexual advances are not tolerated. During the session if a therapist feels you are being inappropriate we have the right to discontinue the session and you will not receive financial reinbursement.

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